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How To Store Your Whiskey

How To Store Your Whiskey
Storing Your Whisky Tips

For those into their whiskey and have various bottles that they want to open, yet are worried about ruining its
beautiful taste, there is no need to worry. There are secrets that you should know for storing whiskey. This means
that you can open the bottle, enjoy a drink, and not worry about destroying its flavour.

Keep it at the right temperature

To keep your whiskey in a good condition, you will need to store it in something that maintains a temperature of
15 to 20 degrees Celsius (59 to 69 degrees Fahrenheit). Always keeping it at a good temperature is key as cold
whiskey can lose its aroma and beautiful taste. For instance, putting it in the freezer can destroy its flavor.

Avoid sun exposure

Speaking of sunlight, avoiding sun exposure is a number one tip for storing whiskey. Sunlight is whiskey’s enemy.
It can create chemical reactions if it is left in the sun for too long. These chemical reactions will hinder its
molecules and break down the quality of the alcohol.
If left in direct sunlight, the flavour of the whiskey will get dull. In some cases (if left for too long) the taste can
change altogether.

Always keep the bottle upright

Although you might consider storing an alcoholic bottle laying down (like a bottle of wine), whiskey is best stored
upright. Unlike wine, the cork of a whiskey bottle needs to be kept away from the liquid. Otherwise, the cork will
degrade and affect the flavour once it seeps into the bottle. It may even cause pieces of the cork to flake off in the
whiskey, which will affect its texture as well as its flavour.

Avoid freezing the whiskey

Although some people may consider freezing whiskey to attain its quality, this can degrade its flavour. Unlike
vodka (which is acceptable to freeze), whiskey can become very dull in taste if frozen.

Keep the cork moist

Although you will want to keep the whiskey away from the cork, you will want to keep the cork moist to protect
the liquid from external sources. A dry cork can disintegrate and fall into the liquid.
Simply wet the cork when it dries out to prevent it from changing the aroma and falling into the drink.

Store in decanters or airtight containers once opened

If you open a bottle of whiskey that does not have a cork, then you will want to consider decanting the liquid into
another bottle. One that can be airtight is best. You can use a decanter or another airtight bottle for this. Using a
glass container is the best option as it will not change its flavour or aroma.
With these 6 secrets in mind, you can safely store your expensive whiskey and not hinder its distinct flavour or


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