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Glen Breton Whisky

15 Year Battle of the Glen Single Malt Whisky

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15 Year Single Malt Whisky | Battle of the Glen

When the Scotch Whisky Association launched its lawsuit against Glenora Distillery in 2000, shortly after the release of its first bottling proudly called "Glen Breton Rare", a media frenzy soon followed in newspapers, magazines, and in online newsletters, forums, and blogs. North America's only Single Malt Whisky distillery was a hot topic amongst the whisky and local cultural communities.

Upon victory in the summer of 2009 it was decided to dedicate a bottling to celebrate this epic battle so fittingly called the "Battle of the Glen.” The packaging features some of the many press clippings that appeared throughout the world.

The Glen Breton Battle of the Glen single malt whisky earned a prestigious Gold Medal and was named the Best of the World in its category by Whisky Magazine. This honor underscores its superior quality and complex flavours, making it a top choice for whisky enthusiasts worldwide. Its acclaim reflects the exceptional craftsmanship behind its creation.