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Whiskey vs Wine

Whiskey vs Wine

What is the difference between Whiskey and Wine?

Whisky and wine are the most popular alcoholic beverages worldwide. These drinks entail meticulous techniques
of preparation, the finest ingredients and are associated with luxury and prestige. Whisky and wine enthusiasts
primarily differ on the superiority of different brands of the two beverages. However, people have different tastes
and will prefer certain brands over others. That said, here are a few things to know about whisky and wine.

  • Whisky and wine are often paired with fine dining in a high-end restaurant that provides a rich culinary

  • They are associated with luxury, opulence, and prestige as enthusiasts spend copious amounts of money on rare vintages and forming their collections of one or both beverages.

  • They are available in different types depending on the country of origin, preparation technique, and the type of ingredients used.

  • They are both the most popular drinks worldwide.

However, despite these similarities, they have a few differences worth noting.

Differences Between Whisky And Wine

Preparation Technique

Although distillation is a single part of the preparation technique, wine does not need to undergo it. Distillation is
the process of converting fermented food grains to spirit. However, they will both need to go through mashing,
fermentation, and maturation in barrels.

Alcohol Content

Wine has a lower alcohol content than whisky. Wine cannot go above 20% ABV( alcohol by volume), while that
figure is half how strong whisky needs to be according to the set laws.


While wine can continue ageing slowly inside a bottle, whisky stops ageing when it leaves the barrel.

Period of existence

Wine has been around for over a millennium, is the oldest alcoholic beverage, and is still popular to date. On the
other hand, whiskey is relatively new, with its earliest mentions dating back to the 1400s, and continues to
develop daily.


Wine is more mainstream and is preferred as a meal compliment because it is sweeter, has a lower alcohol level
and is preferable for people not open to drinking spirit-based drinks. Whisky, on the other hand, may not
complement meals because of its high ABV.


It is possible to mature whisky in wine barrels, but not wine in whisky barrels.

There is no superiority between the two drinks as they are entirely different from each other. You can either love
one or both.
For more incredible and fun experiences, tastes and finesse, you can try iced wine or iced whisky. You can also try
a single malt from your favourite Canada distillery, or better yet, the award-winning Glen Breton Ice, a single malt
whisky matured in an ice wine barrel.

With this single malt, the Nova Scotia distillery in Canada did not leave anything to chance. They tasted it every
day until they achieved the perfect finish, four months later.

Its flavour hints range from fruity, sweet, and delicious to your nose to a hint of vanilla and wine taste exploding
in your mouth. Its golden colour makes it eye candy. With almost all your senses engaged in this single malt, the
overall finish of a wine flavour, sweet and fruity taste will leave you asking for more.

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