Canadian Single Malt Whiskey Now In America

Glen Breton Ice Whisky - Aged In Ice Wine Barrels

Glen Breton Ice Whisky - Aged In Ice Wine Barrels

The First Single Malt Whisky Aged In Ice Wine

Glen Breton single malt whisky is recognized as one of the greatest whiskies in the world. Our distillery is found in Nova Scotia, and it has been noted as the very first single malt whisky distillery in North America. We’re pioneers in the whisky field, distilling fine products in oak barrels for 30 years now. Our whiskies have won numerous awards in this time, cementing our distillery as one of the best around.

The Glenora Distillery is also home to the first single malt whisky aged in ice wine barrels. It’s something we’re extremely proud of, opening the door for a new and unique take on single malt whisky. The idea came from a fan of Glen Breton suggesting that we give it a go. After contacting a local vineyard in Nova Scotia, we borrowed one of the wine barrels they recently used to create an ice wine. From here, we finished off one of our single malt whiskies in the barrel, unearthing some incredible new flavors. Distilling the whisky this way led to trace hints of sweetness and fruits from the grape, offering lingering taste notes of cherry, wine, ginger, and cedar. Alongside this, it boasts a strong nose of honey, cinnamon, apple, and vanilla, which is more traditional of whisky.

10, 19, and 21-Year-Old Whiskies

We’re extremely proud of our range of Canadian whisky products, with each one undergoing its own unique aging process. You can purchase Glen Breton whisky that’s aged for 10 years, but we also offer super rare options that have been aged in our unique distillery for 19 or 21 years as well. The longer the whisky stays with us, the greater the taste notes and the more diverse the flavor profile will be.

30 Years of Hand Crafted Whisky

The Glenora Distillery in Nova Scotia is located on Cape Breton Island, which many call the whisky capital of North America. Nova Scotia actually translates as New Scotland, and we have a rich Gaelic heritage here that bonds us to the homeland of whisky itself. Generations of Scottish descendants have roamed these lands and kept the culture of whisky alive, and we’re the latest to do just that.

All of our whisky is sourced from 100% Organic ingredients of the highest quality possible. We use Fair Trade at all times as well, ensuring our suppliers get what they truly deserve. Everything is always handcrafted, ensuring that each barrel of whisky has its own unique flavor profile and taste notes.

Order Your Glen Breton Whisky Today

You can take home the delightful and powerful taste of Glen Breton single malt whisky today. Simply visit our website and view the retailer page to see where you can buy our products from. If your local retailer doesn’t currently stock Glen Breton, fill in the form on the page and we’ll get in touch with them to try and work something out.

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