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Cooking With whisky

Cooking With whisky
Cooking with Whiskey

Why has whisky become a popular cooking ingredient?
More and more chefs are starting to realize the cooking potential of whisky. Many other spirits have been used in cooking for generations – like vodka – and we all know that wine is commonly used in the kitchen. But, cooking with whisky is fairly new in comparison, yet it’s proving to be a massive hit.

Normally, we recommend the best way to enjoy your Glen Breton whisky is in a glass with a bit of ice. This is how you get to taste all the unique and subtle flavors of the spirit. However, it can also be used in a variety of different dishes while you cook. Before we provide a few recipe examples, we’d like to explain what happens when you use whisky in cooking, and why it has become popular.

Essentially, whisky enhances the flavors of a dish. This is all thanks to the chemical makeup of the spirit, as well as the different flavors it takes on during the distillation process. Most whisky, like Glen Breton, is aged in oak casks. When you cook it, the alcohol evaporates, meaning you get a more concentrated smokey, sweetness from the whisky. In turn, this can enhance sweet and savory flavors while cooking, bringing a new dimension to your meals.

Popular cooking with whisky recipes

Are you interested in using a few drops of your whisky to create new and exciting things in the kitchen? Here are a few recipe ideas that have proven very popular over the years_

● Cranachan – This is a typical Scottish dessert that uses cream, fruit, and oatmeal to form a trifle-like dish. The cream is infused with whisky to give it an extra kick on those cold Scottish nights. It’s easy to make, and a real crowd-pleaser.

● Whisky BBQ Chicken – You can’t really go wrong with chicken on the grill, but adding a glaze of honey and whisky brings out some incredible new flavors. It adds stickiness to the chicken too, and you get a smokey and sweet flavor combination that really hits the spot.

● Whisky Cheese Fondue – Dipping some bread or apples into a creamy cheese sauce is such an indulgent treat. Traditionally, whisky can be paired with strong cheeses as a drink on the side. However, why don’t you combine the two? Adding a few spoonfuls of Glen Breton, along with a drop of dry white wine, to some extra strong cheddar cheese will create the perfect fondue to knock your socks off.

There are so many other recipe ideas for cooking with whisky, but these showcase the diversity of the spirit. Of course, there are endless desserts that include whisky, and you can even make your own whisky jam or marmalade.

Remember, a little goes a long way, and you don’t want to use all of your whisky as a cooking ingredient. Add just a touch when cooking to see the real benefits and enjoy the enhanced flavors it brings out.





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